Plant Empowerment

The roadmap to sustainable horticulture

A Data-Driven growing philosophy to grow more sustainable and profitable by keeping the three plant balances in equilibrium. Read more ->


Key balances help pollinators and biocontrol agents to do their job

Plant health as basis for optimal sustainable cultivation, for both ...


15% profit increase for Mexican grower

A two-year trial to compare the results of Growing by ...

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Plant Empowerment at BASF Vegetable Seeds

A stable, robust and reproducible data-driven strategy for maximizing yields

More yields, better quality, higher efficiency

Plant Empowerment

Plant Empowerment is a new unique cultivation method that leads to higher productions and better quality. At the same time, resources such as water, energy and nutrients are used more efficiently. This makes Plant Empowerment the roadmap to sustainable horticulture. Read more-> 

Join forces, for sustainable horticulture

The Community

We strive for sustainable horticulture worldwide. An integrated approach and collaboration are needed to achieve this. That is why we have started the Plant Empowerment Community, a platform where the different stakeholders join forces by exchanging knowledge and experiences. In order to strengthen and accelerate the process of developing sustainable cultivation methods worldwide. Read more->

Plant Empowerment aims to optimise growth by supporting the plant in keeping its balances regarding energy, water and assimilates in equilibrium.

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The theory and practical approach of Plant Empowerment is explained in the book (350 pages) “Plant Empowerment: the basic principles”.

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Collaboration for a sustainable horticulture

Currently, six partners support Plant Empowerment. Together we actively share knowledge and cooperate because we strive for sustainable horticulture. To feed the growing world population and at the same time lower CO2 emissions for the future of our children. We help growers to get a higher yield per square meter, using fewer resources by optimizing the plant’s natural growing power and resilience. Read more -> 



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