Summer School 2024

Exclusive Five-day Masterclass

The Plant Empowerment Summer School is a full 5-day experience, specially organised for high-level growers worldwide cultivating high-wire crops. Throughout this week, you’ll dive deep into the Plant Empowerment principles, both theoretically and practically. With our Plant Empowerment experts, you’ll uncover the ins and outs of the Plant Empowerment philosophy, a proven method that has enabled growers worldwide to achieve optimal results with minimal resources.

During the Summer School you’ll immerse yourself in the philosophy through theoretical sessions and on-site visits to growers sharing their experiences. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to apply these principles and improve your cultivation results. You will be trained by the best specialists in the field. Optimize your cultivation, increase yields per square meter and reduce resource usage with the proven Plant Empowerment philosophy. BASF, for instance, achieved 121 kilograms per m2 (a world tomato record) using the philosophy in combination with an implementation program, showcasing its effectiveness. Learn from our successful growers worldwide.

About the program

The comprehensive program includes theoretical and practical sessions led by our top Plant Empowerment specialists.

What can I expect?

  • High-quality group lessons in which you’ll learn about:

The Basic Principles of Plant Empowerment

Uniformity in climate

Root zone and data

How to start with the RTR

Data Driven Growing

Active climate

Irrigation, nutrition and plant health

How to start with Plant Empowerment in practice

  • A lot of in-depth discussions
  • One-on-one sessions with the experts to deepening your knowledge and discuss specific areas
  • On-site visits to top growers in the Netherlands sharing their experiences
  • Plenty of time for networking and learning from other top growers
  • An evening entertainment program in Amsterdam 

Only available for high-level growers

After your submission we’ll arrange a call with you to see if you meet the high-level standards of the group. We are especially looking for top growers who are growing high-wire crops and standing out in their knowledge and growing experience during the years.

What other people say about the Summer School

“I joined the Summerschool 2023 and I loved all the lectures. Even if you already understand the theory, hearing the information from the Plant Empowerment experts in person adds an extra dimension. When they are on the stage, the powerful, positive light of their knowledge and wisdom fills the room and our hearts! They have first-hand, practical experience of facing and solving typical problems. They explained everything so clearly and simply – using lots of reallife examples – that it was easy to understand and remember.“

Syuzanna Hovsepyan – K&G Group Armenia

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‘’Very useful Summer school if you are a grower or head grower and you want to improve!’’ 

Mastronardi Group, North America

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Exclusive Summer School Masterclass 2024

Sunday, June 9 2024