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How roots affect a healthy plant

On Wednesday, May 24, at 4 pm (CET) the fourth and final course of the online educational plant health program takes place. In this final course, the team of specialists will discuss substrate properties and irrigation strategies and how they affect plant health. The health of the plant starts around the roots. Roots are working together with microbes in order to get enough water and minerals. In the same area, pathogens are constantly looking for a chance to attack.

Wednesday, May 17 2023 Online

About the educational program

During the online educational plant health program, the Plant Empowerment specialists will host a series of courses to share the knowledge on plant health which they have gained during real-life projects. They will teach you all about how to grow healthy and resilient crops in an integrated and sustainable way.

The educational plant health program consists of four sessions, with each session emphasizing various aspects of cultivating robust and nourishing crops using an integrated and sustainable approach. By assimilating these nutritional insights into your crop strategy, along with the principles of Plant Empowerment, you can advance your journey toward growing healthy crops.


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