Kazachstan Live

Knowledge Session

Join the Plant Empowerment knowledge session on 20 April during “Greenhouses. Vegetable cultivation. Irrigation. Flowers Almaty”, in Kazakhstan.

Wednesday, April 20 2022 Atakent Expo Centre, Almaty Kazakhstan

Join the knowledge session

The two-hour workshop takes place on the first day of the exhibition, on Wednesday April 20, 2022 from 2pm to 4pm.

The event has free entrance. But if you want to join, please subscribe by the form below. Thank you!

About Plant Empowerment

Plant Empowerment is a proven cultivation philosophy that originated in the Netherlands. It helps growers around the world to optimize their crops, get more yield per square meter and use fewer resources. During the two-hour workshop, a team of Plant Empowerment partners will explain the basic principles of Plant Empowerment. Practical examples will be used to show what the philosophy can mean for you!

The Plant Empowerment philosophy takes the natural behaviour and vigour of plants as its starting point. The principles revolve around the sustainable cultivation of crops by supporting the natural balance of each plant. This unique data-driven way of thinking facilitates higher yields and better crop quality for growers, while also supporting more efficient use of valuable resources such as water, energy and nutrients. As a result, the Plant Empowerment philosophy provides a roadmap to both profitable and environmentally friendly horticulture.

Wednesday, April 20 2022 Atakent Expo Centre, Almaty Kazakhstan