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Plant Empowerment offers a learning platform, where you can follow several courses, webinars and can have access to other knowledge like podcasts, white papers and e-books. The learning platform is a program for growers, consultants, and agricultural students that want to be educated and trained in applying sustainable and profitable cultivation methods based on Plant Empowerment. In inspiring live and online courses and workshops unique combinations of Plant Empowerment specialists explain the principles of Plant Empowerment using theory and practical examples.

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Our ambition is to help growers worldwide to grow more sustainable and profitable. When following our online courses, webinars and live workshops, you will be prepared to achieve optimum results using minimum resources together with other international growers. Below you find the current available courses you can follow online.

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Do you want to optimize your cultivation, get more yields per square meter and use fewer resources? Plant Empowerment is a proven philosophy to achieve this. It is our main goal to help you better understand the philosophy so you can apply it and really improve your results. Other growers who have applied this cultivation method already have achieved incredible results.

BASF has achieved 121 kilograms by applying the philosophy in combination with an implementation program and also the winning team in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge applied the philosophy successfully.

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During the Plant Empowerment courses you will be immersed in information about the Plant Empowerment philosophy. The best specialists in the field will take you through the theory, but you will also learn about practical cases where growers share their experiences.

Currently, multiple possibilities are already available. In the near future, more possibilities will be developed, focused on different target groups. Do you want to stay informed about the latest developments? Sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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* All revenue generated by the courses will be reinvested in the further development of the Plant Empowerment philosophy.

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