Two-day workshop Plant Empowerment – BC, Canada

During the two-day workshops on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 May in British Columbia, Canada the basic principles of Plant Empowerment are further explained. There will be a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, alternately led by the Plant Empowerment Implementation Partners and authors of the book on Plant Empowerment. Find more information here


Six Plant Empowerment specialized trainers are present during the workshop.  One of the authors is present and five of the trainers are consultants of the Implementation Partners each with their own specialization. The line-up is:

  • Peter van Weel | Co-author of the book on Plant Empowerment
  • Rene Beerkens | Climate specialist
  • Evripidis Papadopoulos | Data analyst and researcher
  • Remy Maat | Substrate specialist
  • Ton Habraken | Screening specialist
  • Mark van der Werf | Plant health specialist

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Aren’t you available on 16 and 17 May? We also organize this workshop in Leamington, Canada on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May. Click here to buy your ticket!

779.00 ex. VAT

Event Details

Date: May 16, 2022

Start time: 07:30 PDT

End time: 19:00 PDT

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