Exclusive 5-day Masterclass

The Plant Empowerment Summerschool is an exclusive program for top growers from all over the world in high wire vegetable crops. In an inspiring five-day program in the Netherlands, unique combinations of Plant Empowerment specialists explain the principles of Plant Empowerment using theory and practical examples.

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In this 5-day exclusive, on invitation only, Masterclass the basic principles of the Plant Empowerment philosophy will be discussed in detail. Together with other international top growers, you will be prepared to achieve optimum results using minimum resources. Other growers who have applied this cultivation method have achieved incredible results.The 5-day training will take place from Monday, June 13 to Saturday June 18, 2022.


Invitation only


The Summerschool consists of a group of up to 15 carefully selected candidates. You will be among top-level growers. It is an invitation-only policy, and after applying, all participants will have an introductory meeting.

Are you ready

for the road to sustainable horticulture?

Do you want to optimize your cultivation, get more yields per square meter and use fewer resources? Plant Empowerment is a proven philosophy to achieve this. Growers all over the world apply it with great results. BASF has achieved 121 kilograms by applying the philosophy in combination with an implementation program and also the winning team in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge applied the philosophy successfully. During the five-day Summerschool, you will be immersed in information about the Plant Empowerment philosophy. The best specialists in the field will take you through the theory, but you will also visit practical cases where growers on location share their experiences.

Our goal is to help you better understand the philosophy so you can apply it and really improve your results! Due to the small group of participants and a large group of experts conducting the three-day training, there is plenty of room for attention on your cultivation.


Co-author of the book Plant Empowerment

Peter van Weel

Co-author of the book Plant Empowerment

Jan Voogt

Co-author of the book Plant Empowerment

Peter Geelen

Climate Specialist

René Beerkens

Data analyst and researcher

Evripidis Papadopoulos

Substrate specialist

Remy Maat

Screening Specialist

Ton Habraken

Plant Health Specialist

Mark van der Werf

Grow Light Application Specialist

Hans de Vries

About the


This five-day program consists of theoretical and practical sessions, alternately led by the Plant Empowerment specialists and authors of the book. New insights around the Plant Empowerment theory will be shared in the areas of climate, plant balances, lighting, nutrition, plant health, pest management, etc. Practical examples will be discussed extensively and growers who are currently applying the Plant Empowerment principles and achieving great results will share their strategies and approaches. In addition, a beautiful hotel has been reserved for you and a full evening’s program during which you will also get to know the Netherlands a little better.


The following topics will be discussed in the various sessions: 

  • Introduction Plant Empowerment, the basic principles
  • Uniformity on climate, root zone and data
  • How to start with the RTR
  • Data Driven Growing
  • Active climate 
  • Irrigation, nutrition and plant health
  • How to start with Plant Empowerment in practice

Find the full program and planning about the program here.

Ticket sales

  • Early bird ticket – € 3.195 euro March 25 April 15
  • Regular tickets – € 3.595 euro April 16 May 15
  • Last-minute ticket – € 3.995 euro May 16  June 6

The prices include transport (except from Schiphol Airport to the hotel), hotel accommodation, food and drinks (between program hours), admission tickets, teaching materials, and a Plant Empowerment book.

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There are only 15 spots to join us during the exclusive summerschool Masterclass. So register to claim your ticket.

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