Online Course

2. How to reduce your energy inputs using screening and air movement

Wednesday, November 2 20224 pm CET

In the second course, the team of specialists focuses on screens and air movement. How can you optimally insulate your greenhouse while maintaining a good and healthy climate for your plants? In the past, energy was abundant for a grower. This provided a certain margin for error. Now that the price of energy is high, fewer mistakes can be made. Balancing is key. Isolation is extra important now, growers need to insulate more while making sure there is air movement in the greenhouse. Join us for course two if you want to learn more on this.

Trainers: Ton Habraken, Screening Specialist and Peter van Weel, co-author of the book Plant Empowerment
Co-trainers: Paul van Gils, Lighting Specialist

39.00 ex. VAT