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Plant Empowerment


  • Westlandseweg 190
  • 3131 HX Vlaardingen
  • Netherlands
  • IBAN NL40 RABO 0153583509
BTW nr NL002782534B01
  • +31 (0)10 460 8108
  • info@plantempowerment.com

Plant Empowerment

Project manager

Project manager Plant Empowerment

Jeannette den Boer

Mail Jeannette@plantempowerment.com

Our Plant Empowerment


Consultant LetsGrow.com

Evripidis Papadopoulos

Mail evr@letsgrow.com

Consultant Hortilux

Hans de Vries

Mail h.devries@hortilux.com

Consultant Koppert Biological Systems

Mark van der Werf

Mail mvdwerf@koppert.nl

Consultant Saint Gobain Cultilene

Remy Maat

Mail remy.maat@saint-gobain.com

Consultant Hoogendoorn Growth Management

René Beerkens

Mail rbe@hoogendoorn.nl

Consultant Ludvig Svensson

Ton Habraken

Mail ton.habraken@ludvigsvensson.com

Plant Empowerment aims to optimise growth by supporting the plant in keeping its balances regarding energy, water and assimilates in equilibrium.

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  • Westlandseweg 190
  • 3131 HX Vlaardingen
  • The Netherlands