Plant Empowerment Foundation

We strive for sustainable horticulture worldwide. An integrated approach and collaboration are needed to achieve this. That is why we have started the Plant Empowerment Foundation, a platform where the different stakeholders join forces by exchanging knowledge and experiences. In order to strengthen and accelerate the process of developing sustainable cultivation methods worldwide.

Sustainable cultivation

The horticultural sector needs more effective and sustainable cultivation. We believe that Plant Empowerment provides the roadmap to achieve this. But it needs further development, refinement, implementation, and adaption to local conditions. At the same time, we face a huge challenge regarding knowledge transfer and training of students, growers, consultants and researchers to speed up the learning curve.

Together we can make a difference

A diverse group of stakeholders is needed to strengthen and accelerate the development of sustainable cultivation methods. A close cooperation between all parties involved, such as educational and research institutions, growers and investors, suppliers, crop and technical consultants, governments and NGO’s is essential to be successful. To stimulate this cooperation, we have started the Plant Empowerment Foundation. A platform on which all stakeholders can unite.

The Plant Empowerment Foundation

We aim for a platform that creates a meeting point for the different stakeholders, where they can learn from each other, exchange experiences and start new collaborations. Several parties are already connected. The HAS University of Applied Sciences, InHolland University of Applied Sciences and Aeres University of Applied Sciences use Plant Empowerment in their standard curriculum for Horticulture and Agribusiness studies. We have welcomed them as our Research and Education Partners. Six horticultural suppliers have joined as our Implementation Partners. The Dutch research programme ‘Kas als Energiebron’, financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is an important partner for the developments in the Netherlands (known as: “Het Nieuwe Telen”). The above parties strengthen each other by joining forces, sharing knowledge and working together towards integrated solutions for sustainable horticulture.

Companies, institutes, growers and organisations that want to contribute to these common goals and become a member of the Plant Empowerment Foundation, are invited to contact us.

More information?

Project Manager

Jeannette den Boer