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Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Hoogendoorn is known as the most innovative supplier of process automation solutions in the horticultural industry. For over 50 years we have been striving to optimize greenhouse climate, increase crop yields and manage costs and risks in greenhouse horticulture.

Hoogendoorn creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every kind of horticultural business worldwide. Growth, continuity and innovation are the focus.

Profitable business in a sustainable way

Our automation solutions contribute to the sustainable use of water and energy and are available in multiple languages. Hoogendoorn products are supported with our customer portal Hoogendoorn Online, user training, 24/7 helpdesk and reliable maintenance service. These services are provided via our local offices and worldwide partner network.

At Hoogendoorn, we put the plant central. Besides that, we believe knowledge sharing is essential. Together with customers, partners and universities we can strive for even more innovative cultivation methods and thus help our worldwide customers optimize their cultivation. That’s why we support Plant Empowerment.

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Consultant Hoogendoorn Growth Management

René Beerkens

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