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Save energy by smoothing out peaks in energy demand

By implementation partner: Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Published: March 17, 2022 Share?

Save energy by

smoothing out peaks in energy demand

“Growers are looking for ways to reduce costs due to energy consumption, especially now. This can be done by applying temperature integration over several days. So smoothing out peaks in energy demand and focusing on average greenhouse temperatures, can save energy.

Effective use of energy screens is the first step to saving energy in most greenhouses. Even then, there may be insufficient energy available in the heat storage tank. Especially, if in the morning the average temperature in the tank is too low, this value can be used as an influence to delay the opening of the energy screen. In addition, the maximum pipe temperature can be lowered.

In this way, you achieve that peaks in the energy demand are smoothed out and that all greenhouses are exposed to sufficient heat.

The sometimes (too) low greenhouse temperature can be compensated at a more favorable time of day. Using the Temperature Integration software module, a too low greenhouse temperature can be compensated by a higher greenhouse temperature at times when the energy screen is closed (again) or when solar radiation is high. At these times it is more favorable to aim for a higher greenhouse temperature.”

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