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Make a plan

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Make a plan

before the beginning of your crop cycle

“Definitely, goals differ per greenhouse project. A goal for one greenhouse could be the achievement of maximum production in parallel with maximum quality, while in another it could be the maximization of resource use efficiency (taking a look at the energy price increase in several countries worldwide). Therefore, the first step should be to set your initial goal.

After setting your yearly goal, it is the right time to start creating a plan!

Use your historical data, for example, radiation, in order to explore what is expected and create your strategy accordingly. Additionally, make the maximum usage of your equipment, for example, screens. Isolate your greenhouse, by using your screen(s), to minimize your energy input and create a homogeneous climate for your crops in order to support them thrive! Finally, “listen” to your plants via data usage (objective judgments) for steering your climate according to what your plant is asking.

These steps will undoubtedly lead you to improve the results of your company!”

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