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Control the Climate and lighting system

By implementation partner: Hortilux Schréder

Published: January 25, 2022 Share?

Control the

Climate and lighting system

“The biggest energy-saving tip that we can give when looking at grow light is replacing HPS with LED. Most of the growers know that it can halve the electricity consumption per hour. But the overall savings can be even higher due to the characteristics of the technology. The absence of radiation heat means a more limited effect on the air temperature in the greenhouse when using LED. Climate and lighting systems can be controlled separately allowing more flexibility and adaptability in the lighting and temperature strategy. Being able to adapt the lighting installation quickly to energy costs and the amount of natural sunlight becomes possible while keeping a stable climate.

The use of energy screens combined with LED and the integration of PAR monitoring in the lighting strategy will also contribute to further energy savings, plant balance, and Light Use Efficiency. A transition from maximal lighting to optimal and efficient lighting has started in many countries using artificial grow light and LED technology offers the possibilities to achieve that.”

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