The roadmap to sustainable horticulture

Plant Empowerment

Nature itself provides the solution for sustainable cultivation and optimal results; the natural growing power and resilience of plants. The backgrounds and practical implementation are revealed in the book; Plant Empowerment, the basic principles. 


The natural balances

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to sustainably growing crops in greenhouses by supporting the plant’s balances. The starting point is to stimulate and support the natural growing power of the plants by creating optimal growth conditions, both above soil and in the rootzone.

Optimize plant growth

Under all conditions, the plant aims to optimize its three balances to become strong and healthy. By supporting these balances, the plants make more efficient use of water, fertilizers and energy. In nature, plants are resilient against pests and diseases. Plant Empowerment uses these natural characteristics to optimize plant growth. That’s why Plant Empowerment contributes to sustainable horticulture.

Data driven growing

Continuously collecting data during the cultivation process provides insights into how the greenhouse and plant function. By applying the new insights and principles of Plant Empowerment, many growers already benefit from improved results. They observe better growth and production, fewer pests and diseases and save water and energy at the same time.


Growing by Plant Empowerment is an improved and extended version of what has been developed and proved since 2005 in The Netherlands under the name of Next Generation Growing (in Dutch: Het Nieuwe Telen). In 2016 the authors chose the new name “Growing by Plant Empowerment” to express better how the concept takes the natural behaviour and the growing power of plants as a starting point.

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