How to avoid crop condensation?

By Implementation Partner: Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Published: January 15, 2020 By: Hoogendoorn Growth Management Share?


Plant Health

One of the goals of Plant Empowerment is promoting plant health. Avoiding crop condensation is one of the essential aspects to achieve this. To assess condensation risk you need to know the course of the moisture balance of the greenhouse in relation to the temperature of the plant and the fruits. The figure below shows 2 graphs that display the greenhouse temperature (green line), dew point temperature (blue line) and fruit temperature (red line).

In the top graph the dew point temperature crosses the fruit temperature. As a result crop condensation occurs. In the bottom graph the dew point temperature is controlled by the Hoogendoorn crop condensation module to stay below the fruit temperature, thus avoiding crop condensation. This module takes preventive measures by adjusting ventilation, tube temperature strategy and/or screen position, only when required, which prevents unwanted scenarios and avoids unnecessary energy losses at the same time.

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