Join our kick-off sessions for our full year program ‘Follow a cropcycle’

Are you ready to make your cropcycle more sustainable and profitable? In our program Follow a Cropcycle, launching Spring 2024 we are taking you on a full year journey together with Plant Empowerment experts and our community worldwide. With our weekly fresh content, a 24/7 online community & monthly live lessons from our Plant Empowerment experts you’ll get all knowledge to help you with all challenges during your cropcycle.

On the 8th of March we’ll host an introduction to our year program. In this afternoon session we’re curious about you! What do you want to learn about your cropcycle this year? Which challenges do you want to overcome? Your ideas shape the contours of the program.

To reward your valuable contribution you’ll get:

🌱Free tips and tricks for a good start of your cropcycle

🌱10% discount on the annual program

🌱The book ‘Plant Empowerment, the basic principles’ for free

🌱The privilege to be in the forefront of our launch on the 21st of March

Be prepared for a full year of connection and knowledge with growers worldwide! Reserve your spot today.

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