Growing by Plant Empowerment well received in Mexico, January 2019

Official launch of Plant Empowerment during the Canadian Greenhouse Conference  Niagare, October 2018

Announcement of Plant Empowerment during the Greentech exibition Amsterdam , June 2018

What is Plant Empowerment and which advantages does it bring?

Growing by Plant Empowerment in Latin-America 

28 January 2019

Last week Querétaro, Mexico was the setting for the biggest Plant Empowerment seminar in Latin America so far. An overwhelming number of 135 interested growers from all over Mexico gathered to hear about the principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE), that were explained by speakers from Plant Empowerment partners Hoogendoorn,, Koppert, Svensson and Cultilene. The message of cultivation optimization based on plant health and resilience was well received.

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Plant Empowerment launched during the CGC in Niagara

3-4 October 2018

During the Canadian Greenhouse Conference 2018, the official North American launch of Plant Empowerment took place. Together with the current partners of Plant Empowerment; Ludvig Svensson, P.L Light Systems (Hortilux), Koppert Biological Systems, Hoogendoorn, and Cultilene, the new book about Plant Empowerment was promoted.

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During the Greentech 2018 the  book called "Plant Empowerment The basic principles" was presented.

15 June 2018

Plant Empowerment: a plant production strategy that combines the power of physiology and physics. What is the most sustainable way of growing in my greenhouse, to convert the available resources into maximum production and quality? During the Greentech 2018 the book called "Plant Empowerment The basic principles" was presented.

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Growing by Plant Empowerment is supporting the plant balances

6 June 2018

Plant Empowerment is a new approach to growing crops in greenhouses. It is based on a combination of physical and physiological principles rather than experiences, human feelings, and green fingers. Plant Empowerment aims to optimise growth by supporting the plant in keeping its balances regarding energy, water and assimilates in equilibrium.

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Plant Empowerment

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