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The book on Plant Empowerment has been  written by ir. P.A.M. (Peter) Geelen (right), ir. J.O. (Jan) Voogt (left) and ing. P.A. (Peter) van Weel (middle). They can be considered as the original founders of the cultivation method "Het Nieuwe Telen“ (HNT), also called "Next Generation Growing”, that has become the new standard for the Dutch horticultural industry in the recent years. For this reason, they have decided to write a new and extended version of their successful Dutch book “De basisprincipes van Het Nieuwe Telen” in English, to make these innovative insights and methods available worldwide.
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The brochure

The brochure aims to give the reader a first impression of the book by presenting the introduction, the table of contents, and the first chapter wherein the principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment are described in a nutshell. In addition, it offers a sneak preview of the many explanatory drawings and diagrams with which the book is richly illustrated.

Plant Empowerment

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