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GreenTech Amsterdam is the global meeting place for horticulture professionals. This year, GreenTech will take place from June 13th to June 15th in the RAI in Amsterdam. During this live event, you can experience horticulture solutions first-hand, and join inspiring knowledge sessions!

On Wednesday, June 14, Plant Empowerment is organizing two FREE knowledge sessions that can be followed live at Strand Zuid, next to the RAI Amsterdam.

Wednesday, June 14 2023 Strand Zuid Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join the live breakfast sessions

Every year, Plant Empowerment invites growers from around the world to learn more about this unique cultivation philosophy during the GreenTech exhibition taking place in Amsterdam. This data-driven philosophy helps growers worldwide to cultivate more sustainably and profitably. The focus is on improving crop production and quality while making more efficient use of valuable resources such as water, energy, and nutrients.

Several specialized trainers and consultants of the Implementation Partners of Plant Empowerment will share their knowledge, each with their own specialization. The breakfast session contains two workshops: one with a focus on water balance, and one with a focus on plant health.

Both sessions can accommodate up to 70 people, so register now and secure your spot! 

Workshop 1

Water, the sustainable growing factor 


  • Date: Wednesday 14 June 2023 
  • Time: 7.30 – 9.30 am
  • Location: Strand Zuid, RAI harbour 


Session content 

This knowledge session is about water, one of the important growth factors of plants. First, the experts will discuss water in general. What is good water? What properties are important and how can we measure it?  

Furthermore, it is important to use water as efficiently as possible and to add minerals in the right form. For this, it is crucial to match the demand and composition of the water to the demand of the plant. How to do this is discussed in detail using practical examples.  

In the final part of this session, the experts will discuss the extent to which artificial light influences the demand for water and minerals.   



7.30 – Walk-in with coffee, tea, and croissant 

7.55 – Start program 

8.00 – Measuring water (and nutritional) properties
by Ruud Schulte (Van der Ende Group) and Heleen Lugt ( 

8.30 – Efficient nutrition and net water usage for sustainable growth 
by Marc van Oers (Van Iperen International) and Paul de Koning (Hoogendoorn) 

9.00 – Optimal irrigation strategy influenced by LED 
by Stéphane André (Hortilux) and Thom van Wesel (Saint-Gobain Cultilene) 

9.30 – End   

Workshop 2

Plant health, the basis for optimal growth 


  • Date: Wednesday 14 June 2023 
  • Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
  • Location: Strand Zuid, RAI harbour 


Session content 

Plant health is a topic that is receiving increasing attention, also within the Plant Empowerment foundation. Plant health can be related to almost all topics of cultivation. In this session, we will first discuss the role genetics play in relation to plant health. For mineral uptake, for example, genetics is a crucial factor. These minerals then help determine how healthy a plant is.  

We will continue with the importance of getting many plants off to an optimal start, which focuses on seed germination. The combination of genetics and substrate traits is crucial here.  

Finally, we discuss how to optimize the use of natural light. Light is often the limiting growth factor, but on the other hand, too much light can cause plant stress. 



10.00 – Walk-in with coffee and tea 

10.20 – Start program 

10.25 – Breeding for less pests and optimal plant health
by Elena Argyri (Rijk Zwaan) and Ellen Klein (Koppert) 

10.55 – Creating an optimal start with germination and rooting
by Richard Bremmer (Kekkilä – BVB) and Jochim Reybrouck (BASF Vegetable Seeds)  

11.25 – Bring balance in natural light
Bart Bakker (Svensson) and Paul van Gils (Lumiforte) 

12.00 – End  

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Wednesday, June 14 2023 Strand Zuid Amsterdam, Netherlands


Strand Zuid
Europaplein 22
1078 GZ Amsterdam



Participation is free, but in the case of a no-show, we charge 15 euros.

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