Plant Empowerment is not only a philosophy or a theory. It is the result of a vast development process, both in research projects and practical applications. It has been conducted from 2005, first mainly in the Netherlands, and later also in different regions of the world.

Amazing results

More and more growers worldwide start applying the principles of Plant Empowerment to grow more sustainable and more profitable. With great outcomes as a result. Significantly less use of resources, more yield and improved quality of their crops, with less pests and diseases. Curious about this?  Check out the user stories.

Implementation Partners

Currently, Plant Empowerment is supported by six world leading companies, the official Plant Empowerment Implementation Partners. These companies cooperate in providing integrated solutions to growers and investors worldwide, based on the principles of Plant Empowerment. With their main goal, to strive for sustainable ánd profitable horticulture. Learn more about the  Implementation Partners->


Check out how growers successfully applied Plant Empowerment!

United Farms

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User story

Delphy Improvement Centre

“If you do extreme things in cultivation, you get extreme ...

User story

Energy savings, higher yield and better quality at Kwekerij Aarts

By applying the Plant Empowerment principles Kwekerij Aarts realized big ...