Knowledge overhaul

Published by Greenhouse Canada – January 2019.

Published: January 21, 2019 By: Greta Chiu Share?


Climate conditions

What if someone told you that plant physiology and physics could change the way you think about greenhouse climate control? In their book Plant Empowerment: The Basic Principles, climate controls systems specialist Jan Voogt and his colleagues, former cut rose consultant Peter Geelen and former researcher at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) Peter van Weel, have pooled their knowledge and experience to show the interplay between climate conditions in the greenhouse.

Balanced crops

Filled with detailed information on applied theory and best practices, the underlying principle is the need for balance. Crops balanced in energy, water and assimilates are healthier, less vulnerable to diseases and pests, and more likely to produce higher yields and better quality. If the point of every plant process is to maintain balance, then a grower’s job is to guard against stressors that could throw this balance off-kilter. Rather than choosing climate set points independently of each other, such as for temperature or humidity, authors say they should be changed as a system and according to crop needs, which stem from three balances.

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