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Isabel Boekel

Welcome to our ‘Meet the Team’ series! At Plant Empowerment, we believe that behind every successful endeavor, there’s a dedicated team of individuals who make it all happen. While you may know us for what we do as a company, it’s time to put faces to the names and share a glimpse of the personalities driving our mission forward.

We’re more than just a company; we’re a group of individuals committed to making a difference in our field.

Join us on this journey of discovery as we introduce the human side of Isabel Boekel, working at Plant Empowerment as our Marketing & Communications manager.

Published: December 14, 2023 Share?

Say hi 👋

I am Isabel Boekel, 31 years old and living in Alkmaar. I grew up in a small village in North Holland where my parents had a tulip nursery. My father was known in the tulip world as someone who was always up for innovation and growing new tulip varieties. For example, we had our own family tulip, with the abbreviations of our first names. Nowadays he is retired and still uses the greenhouses to grow organic vegetables that make everyone in the village happy.

I love walking through the greenhouses and fields at my fathers’ house and seeing all the fruits and vegetables growing. Every time I learn something new and enjoy the delicious taste of organic food. We always take many bags of fruit and vegetables home with us!

Sustainability as a life force 🌱

Since the end of October 2023, I started as the Content and Communications manager at the Plant Empowerment Foundation. When I was tipped for this fun role on Linkedin, I knew right away: this is what I’m going to do! With my experience and knowledge about sustainability and my passion for creating and organizing, this role is tailor-made for me. Let me give you some insights into my career path. In recent years I have worked in various organizations and roles. After my HBO tourism management study, I started at Thomas Cook as Content Coordinator. Creating beautiful brochures for our clients was my job. After that I started as CSR manager at Corendon, where I’ve started the entire sustainability department, a great position in which I have set up beautiful projects. I also worked for the Corendon Foundation, where we supported sustainable projects worldwide. For example, we adopted a turtle on Bonaire named Bonnie. In the following years I worked at the Municipality of Hoorn and the Environmental Service for the Municipality of Amsterdam in various project roles. 

My passion for writing and making people enthusiastic about sustainability comes naturally to me. Also nice to know: I co-wrote a book about system change.

In recent years I have started writing more and more (from substantive blogs to articles for magazines) and that is where my desire to start my own business arose after my trip through Central America. Besides that, Im doing volunteer work in addition to my paid work. Over the years, I’ve worked for a foundation that takes care of wild cats to writing blogs and planting trees for Adopteer Regenwoud, a foundation that protects the rainforest in Costa Rica. 

Besides my work, in free-time I do a lot of fun things. You can see me riding my mountainbike through the woods, dancing Salsa in Amsterdam or painting a tropical bird at home. I’m also part of a Business club with friends and I like to travel around with my backpack. Lucky me: a part of my family lives in Portugal.

A warm bath

The role at Plant Empowerment is tailor-made for me. It feels good to put my marketing- and sustainability experience to practice at such a thriving foundation. I’m doing all marketing activities for two days a week. Besides that I’m supporting Jeannette Den Boer with the organization of our events. The first weeks immediately felt like a warm bath to me. In my role I want to ensure that our Plant Empowerment community is continually growing, especially due to our new learning platform. I’m looking forward to getting to know our beautiful community better and helping to further broaden our philosophy.

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