PAR light measurement

PAR light measurement as the basis for controlling assimilation balance // The crop grows and produces optimally when there is a good balance between the production and consumption of assimilates. As a grower, you can control this balance. One way of doing this is by matching the temperature to the available light. This is only possible if you have a good overview of the light sum. That’s why it’s so important to measure PAR light in the greenhouse.

Heat from lighting: LED Lighting

Energy balance changes significantly when switching to LED lighting // The switch from HPS (High Pressure Sodium) to LED lighting is more than just choosing to use a different fixture type. The energy balance in the greenhouse changes considerably and so additional cultivation measurements are required.

Spectrum: Light colours

Light colours determine growth and development of the crop // The spectrum of grow light is important for both photosynthesis and the regulation of the crop. When switching to LED lighting, it is necessary to carefully consider the chosen combination of light colours. Insights in the field of light colour are constantly improving, but there are still gaps in knowledge, especially for smaller crops.

AuTomated solutions for growers

Team AuTomatoes won the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge and applied the Plant Empowerment principles. Teammembers René Beerkens and Evripidis Papadopoulos take us on their journey.