Learn how to grow healthy crops

During this online Plant Empowerment educational plant health program, the Plant Empowerment specialists host a series of courses to share the knowledge on plant health which they have gained during real-life projects. They teach you all about how to grow healthy and resilient crops in an integrated and sustainable way.

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The Plant Empowerment educational plant health program consists of four sessions, with each session, emphasizing various aspects of cultivating robust and nourishing crops using an integrated and sustainable approach. By assimilating these nutritional insights into your crop strategy, along with the principles of Plant Empowerment, you can advance your journey toward growing healthy crops.

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About the program

The specialists provide new insights relating to the benefits of the Plant Empowerment philosophy in the following sessions:

  • How to grow a healthy plant
    Including e-book chapter 1: “Plant health and photosynthesis”
  • How minerals influence plant health 
    Including e-book chapter 2: “Plant health and minerals”
  • How to create a solid foundation for healthy plants
    Including e-book chapter 3: “Plant health and nitrogen”
  • How substrates and irrigation strategies contribute to healthy plants
    Including e-book chapter 4: “Plant health and defenses”

Every course is followed by one chapter of the plant health e-book, which goes into more depth on several subjects of plant health.

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The success of this integrated approach has been demonstrated in various real-life projects worldwide. Plant Empowerment has gained valuable insights into how to grow healthy and resilient crops in an integrated and sustainable way. Heritage Farms, for example, is taking a holistic view of the optimal temperatures and humidity levels through the use of screening, better air quality and more air rotation, the right nutrients in the slab, and a better assimilate balance. And the results look very promising. They finally expect to complete a full ten-month crop cycle this year, putting them on track to achieve 30kg per m2. In fact, they hope to push through to October or November, which will be nearly a whole year since planting.

Heritage Farms

Healthy plants generate the highest possible yields

Over the past couple of decades, nutrition in high-tech crops has become largely dominated by synthetic fertilizers. This has enabled production levels to be continuously improved. But these production improvements have come at a price: the constant threat of pests and diseases. This initially led to the widespread usage of chemical crop protection agents in high-yielding crops. The recent trend towards more sustainable approaches – such as breeding varieties with natural resistances, or the use of integrated pest management – tackle the symptoms rather than the underlying cause: weakened plant health. So what exactly is ‘plant health’?

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By registering for the full course, you will get free access to the e-book. If you don’t want to participate in the online courses, but still want to get access to the e-book, you can buy the e-book separately for €24,95.


* All revenue generated by this online training course will be reinvested in the further development of the Plant Empowerment philosophy.

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