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This is the inspiring journey of Carlos Mario Pinzón, a skilled Green Finger Data Grower hailing from Colombia, currently employed at Tomeco in Belgium. His path to success began with humble roots, as he ventured to New York in the early stages of his career to delve into the art of tomato cultivation at Intergrow Greenhouses.


"With Plant Empowerment we hope to encourage more efficient greenhouse management. If we turn certain handles they should know why we do so and how it affects both greenhouse and plant conditions. Now, the whole Tomeco group is doing the Plant Empowerment course. All of us strive in the same direction, the same philosophy, the same way of growing. As a group that could make us stronger."

Carlos Mario Pinzón Tomeco

Knowledge-driven practice approach

Learning Plant Empowerment

In 2024 the Plant Empowerment consultants are conducting a course for Tomeco, with 20 participants. They train how to apply Plant Empowerment principles in practice for future success, while also evaluating current crop strategies. The course takes three months and covers themes such as water, data, energy, and plant health—all integral components of our holistic approach.




Passion for sustainable growing

In New York, Carlos embarked on a transformative experience, immersing himself in the greenhouse agriculture. Under the mentorship of experienced growers at Intergrow Greenhouses, he got his skills and gained invaluable insights into growing tomatoes.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a relentless passion for sustainable growing, Carlos’s time in New York served as a start for his further career that lead him to Tomeco in Belgium.

Carlos is a shining example of the impact of passion, following your dreams and lifelong learning.