Carlos Mario Pinzón

“With Plant Empowerment we hope to encourage more efficient greenhouse management. If we turn certain handles they should know why we do so and how it affects both greenhouse and plant conditions. Now, the whole Tomeco group is doing the Plant Empowerment course. All of us strive in the same direction, the same philosophy, the same way of growing. As a group that could make us stronger.”

Green-fingered data growers at Tomeco; the new standard in horticulture industry

In the world of horticulture, a new breed of forward-thinking growers is emerging, and Carlos Mario Pinzón is at the forefront of this exciting movement. He succinctly describes himself as a “green-finger data grower,” a term that perfectly encapsulates his innovative approach to plant cultivation. Carlos, along with 14 other like-minded horticultural enthusiasts from around the world, came together at the 2023 Plant Empowerment Summer School to explore new horizons in the industry.