Online ten-part course:

‘The power of integrated solutions’

Participate in the new ten-part online Plant Empowerment course “The power of integrated solutions”. Held once a month, each session will focus on the importance of integrated solutions.

Overcome daily challenges

Plant Empowerment’s new online course, called ‘The power of integrated solutions’, will address common issues faced by growers around the world on a daily basis, such as challenges relating to a homogeneous climate, cracked fruits or an active and healthy root system. The sessions are given monthly, each lasting approximately 60-90 minutes. The courses starts in May 2021 and ends in February 2022. We record the sessions, so you can join whenever you want.

Register here! (1st course free of charge)

The course will be given by the three authors of the reference work called ‘Plant Empowerment, the basic principles’ in cooperation with the consultants of the six Plant Empowerment Implementation Partners. Each session will be presented by two or three experts and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The first session 20 May 2021 (at 16:00 h CET) is free of charge, register here->
A package ticket for all nine session costs €99 (including acces to the closed LinkedIn Group called ‘The power of integrated solutions’ for extra discussions).

The revenues for the online course are used for further development of the philosophy.


1. How to create a homogeneous climate (free of charge) Thursday 20 May ’21
2. How to maintain stable crop development Thursday 17 June ’21
3. How to deal with high outside temperatures Thursday 1 July ’21
4. How to keep the root system active & healthy Thursday 26 August ’21
5. How to grow crops under light abatement screens Thursday 23 September ’21
6. How to achieve successful pollination Thursday 21 October ’21
7. How to cultivate crops in non-heated plastic tunnels Thursday 18 November ’21
8. How to produce fewer soft or cracked fruits Thursday 9 December ’21
9. How to optimize light-use efficiency Thursday 13 January ’22
10. How to actively prevent pests Thursday 17 February ’22

By clicking on the course you will find more detailed information.
All sessions start at 16:00 h (CET)

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