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How to deal with an increase in humidity?

By Implementation partner: Saint-Gobain Cultilene

Published: May 30, 2022 Share?

Be aware of

increased humidity in the air

Increasing screen usage to save energy can cause higher humidity in the air. This can disturb the water balance. What do you need to be aware of, and how should you deal with this so you can maintain the perfect water balance? Read the tip below!

“Due to the increasing energy prices we see an increased use of screens. This is to save on energy. The increased usage of screens will make that there will be a lower input of energy via the heating system. This will cause, in combination with the increased screen usage, higher humidity in the air. Be aware of this increased humidity in the air.

The humidity can increase to too high levels which will disturb the water balance. The evaporation will be on a lower level than normal. Also, the uptake of water and nutrients will be on a lower level due to the lower input of energy by the heating system. Getting sufficient amounts of water and nutrients to the head of the plant can be difficult. Also, keep an eye on the parameters of the slab. Make sure that the water content does not increase too much and that there will be sufficient amounts of oxygen available for the roots. If necessary, adjust your watering strategy.”

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